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I added a dynamic text box to my code using htmlflow of GWT. Now I wanted the retrieve the value from the text box. Below is the code any help will be appreciable. By using the Rootpanel.get(elementID). Am able to get the element value as

O/p :

<input id="value1" 80px;="" border:="" 0px;="" border-bottom:="" 4px="" solid="" #3366ff;'="" type="textstyle='width:">

From this how do i get hold of the value that i entered in the textbox ?

    String alertText = "If pressure > ? and glucoselevel > ? ";
     String newAlertText = alertText.replace("?", "");

    numberOfPlaceHolder = alertText.length() - newAlertText.length();
    System.out.println("Num of Place holder :"+numberOfPlaceHolder);

    String[] alertblock = alertText.split("\\?");           

    StringBuffer alertHtml = new StringBuffer();

   for(int i=1; i<=numberOfPlaceHolder;i++){   

       String textbox = "<input id='value"+i+"' type=textstyle='width: 80px; border: 0px;  border-bottom: 4px solid #3366FF;' />";
       String textblock = alertblock[i-1];


   String alertTextHtml = "<div>"+alertHtml.toString()+"</div>"; 

   htmlFlow = new HTMLFlow(alertTextHtml);


   IButton saveAlertBtn = new IButton();
   saveAlertBtn.setTitle("Save Alert");
    saveAlertBtn.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {

        public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            LinkedHashMap<String, String> alertValueMap = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();
            for(int i=1; i<=numberOfPlaceHolder;i++){   


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I think You have to get the element using the GWT Dom API and after getting the attribute of the element

Element yourElement = DOM.getElementById(YOUR_TEXT_INPUT_ELEMENT);

 String the TextOfTheInput = yourElement.getAttribute("value");
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I used RootPanel.get() method to get the element. But i believe this also should work. – Jess Sep 27 '13 at 14:09
The above syntax doesnt work. get the element using getElementProperty by passing the rootpanel.get() only works. String inputTextValue = DOM.getElementProperty(RootPanel.get("value" + i).getElement(), "value"); But the issue is the method getElementProperty is deprecated. – Jess Jul 14 '15 at 16:38

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