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I am new to python programming and I am trying to build a scipt tool for ArcGIS 10.1, I work for the department of environmental protection there is a custom add-in that we use called "DataMiner" which you can access most of the data on FDEPs ArcSDE database(I think) basically it just has a bunch of data that you can select and then load into ArcMap (like preserve boundaries etc.). I want my tool to be able to fetch specific files from the DataMiner when the tool is run. I know you can use python to fetch data from other programs or websites so is it possible to fetch data from this add in, if so how would I go about doing it?

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You should ask this question in gis.stackexchange.com –  Seyyed Puya Soofbaf Sep 27 '13 at 10:02

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After further research I decided to use the Create arcSDE Connection File tool and I was able to access all the data files on the FDEP SDE server and then I used the model tool select data to extract the specific things I needed. Thanks for letting me know the proper place to post these types of questions I am still very new to this forum as you may have guessed. I also realize that my lack of understanding of SDE servers as well as python and model builder led me to posting this cryptic question in hindsight it shouls read more like " How do you access data on an SDE server for use in model builder?"

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