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If turbo coplier is installed in windows 7 using DOSBox then how can u compile and run through Command prompt. I have tried using environment variable -path setting.But when i run the program as

C:\TurboC++\Disk\TurboC3\BIN\tcc Test.c
Turbo c++ Version 3.00 Copyright (c) 1992 Borland 
Error test.c 1:Unable to open include file 'stdio.h'
Error test.c 2:Unable to open include file 'conio.h'
*** 2 errors in Compie ***

      Available memory 4134742


================================== test.c

void main()
printf("Hello command prompt");
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Is there a good reason that you're using Turbo C++? This is a 21 year old compiler that supports only very immature subsets of C++ and C. Using this compiler will very likely teach you bad coding practices as is already visible from your archaic code sample. There are many better modern compilers out there. –  Eddy Luten Sep 26 '13 at 18:34

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You are not telling the compiler where to look for default include files. Usually it is -I and the directory path.

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TurboC++, like most other C/C++ compilers from that era, reads its include file locations from either the system environment (an environmental variable named INCLUDE, IIRC) or from a command line parameter you provide.

For info on setting environmental variables, you can do that in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file for your DOSBox configuration, or from a batch file that you set up to run the TurboC++ compiler:

SET INCLUDE=Whatever_Include_Path_You_Need
tcc %1

For specifying it from the command line, type tcc /? from a command prompt. It will display all of the possible command line switches and options.

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