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I'm building a spread sheet and have been trying to get conditional formatting working how I would like. The cells will contain either one or two Characters and I have been trying to get it to fill the Cell with RED if it's say an uppercase 'W' or ORANGE if its a lower case 'w'. There will only be about 10 characters allowed (upper and lower W H F S O) but I also need say a GREEN for the two characters 'wh'. So far the formatting gives me RED irrespective of it being a 'W' or 'w'. I've tried different combinations of tests and a lot of searching the internet, any assistance would be welcome. Thanks

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String comparison is case agnostic in Excel, i.e. ="W"="w" evaluates to TRUE

You should use the =code(text) function to compare the ASCII codes of the cells in your conditional formatting formula

For instance =code("W") evaluates to ascii code 87 and =code("w") evaluates to ascii code 119

=code(text) only evaluates on the first character so you'll have to do something like =and(code(left(cell, 1))=119, code(mid(cell, 2, 1))=104) to capture the two character example "wh"

You may wind up with a lot of messy conditionals in the conditional formatting, so you could be better off doing all of that logic elsewhere in the spreadsheet

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@Alan Woods did this answer your question? –  rusty1042 Dec 29 '13 at 20:13
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