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I have two flash files (say screenOne.fla and gameA.fla). After importing the main symbol of screenOne.fla into gameA.fla as a movieclip symbol (call it screenOneSymb), the simple buttons in the instance of screenOneSymb do not work. By "do not work" I mean they have no rollover, not mouse action, nothing. If I go into the edit "screenOneSymb" in gameA.fla and turn on "Control->enable simplebuttons" the buttons will work while in edit "screenOneSymb" but not on the main flash stage. I've worked around it, but this is driving me crazy. How do I import multi-layered movieclip symbols (with buttons and animations, etc, etc) and get them to work out of the box?


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Aaauuuugh. Thinking about duplicating this and putting a bounty on it... –  Jesse Millikan May 27 '10 at 19:56

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Are you laoding screenOne.fla or screenOne.swf?

Then do you specify loaderContext? In order for the loaded swf to be controlled with the gameA you should use the same ApplicationDomain:

loader.load(request, new LoaderContext(true, ApplicationDomain.currentDomain));
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