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Is there a way to load js into the <head> section of the page whena subview is loaded. I would like to only load specific JS files based on the view that is being called. I am using the blade template engine.

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There is a much easier way to do this using sections and template inheritance.

  1. Firstly, create a master layout file, something like this: http://paste.laravel.com/UY9 It's one I use that includes Initializr/Bootstrap. I store this in views/layouts/frontend/ as
    master.blade.php for the frontend and views/layouts/admin/ as master.blade.php for the admin and amend as necessary.
  2. You'll notice various @section declarations ending with @show. Using @show at the end instead of @stop, allows you to override them in your other views, you'll notice I've added a @section('scripts') declaration. So, you can create a view like so:

    Your Scripts

    Your content

It's that simple. This is very powerful stuff, as it gives you the ability to set a default but also override it if necessary, keeping your views very clean and minimal.

A better way to do this though would be to do:


    Your Scripts

    Your content

Then you can remove the @section('scripts') declaration from your master layout. Using the @parent helper will allow you to append content to a section, thus keeping it's default while adding the extra content you have specified in your view.

You can also provide default content for @yield declarations, like so @yield('content', 'Default content').

Check out http://codebright.daylerees.com/blade

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First make a common header layout.

app/views/layouts/header.blade.php - header layout

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>{{ $page->title }}</title> {{-- Getting title from $page object, which is passed from route --}}
  {{ HTML::style('css/common.css') }}
  {{ HTML::script('js/jquery.js') }}
  {{ HTML::script('js/common.js') }}

Then page specific script layout.

app/views/layouts/script-about.blade.php - about-page script layout

{{ HTML::script('js/about.js') }}

Then view for specific page.

app/views/about.blade.php - about page

  <p>About-Us page content goes here</p>

Then common footer.

app/views/layouts/footer.blade.php - footer layout


Then the main layout to render.

app/views/layouts/master.blade.php - main layout

@include('layouts.script-'.$page->slug) {{-- Getting page name from $page object  --}}

And from the route, you can pass the $page variable. You may like this route,

Route::get('{slug}', function($slug) {

    $page = Page::where('slug', '=', $slug)->first();
        // getting the datas from Page model with pages table where slug = last uri in your address-bar

    if ( is_null($page) ) { // if no page in db, call 404
        // render the view with page details
    return View::make($page->slug)->with(array('page' => $page));
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