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I have a table like below:

id name role1 role2 role3
1  John   y    n      y
2  Pete   n    y      y
3  Den    n    y      y
4  Mat    y    n      n

After I filter the table by using role1='Y', I lost Pete and Den.

How can I use the analysis to build a table like below:

       Count (Y)
Role1    3
Role2    2
Role3    3

I tried everything. Please help


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Are you using Oracle database? I can post an answer using the PIVOT clause on 11g – Victor HDC Sep 27 '13 at 15:55
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If your database is Oracle 11g or later you can use the unpivot clause

SELECT usr_role,
  COUNT(*) role_count
  (SELECT  * 
     FROM table_name 
     UNPIVOT (hasRole FOR usr_role IN (role1,role2,role3))
  WHERE hasRole = 'y'
GROUP BY usr_role ;

This returns:

ROLE3      3
ROLE1      2
ROLE2      2

You could use this query as an opaque view in the RPD

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Thank you very much! – haoyun Sep 27 '13 at 22:06

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