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We are in the process of migrating a 32 bit Delphi app to 64 bit. On the back-end we're running IB 2009 and make use of Interbase events. It seems that the 64 bit Delphi application is not processing events properly.

For example, in the Delphi application we register two events: "TEST_EVENT" and "sssssssss". The test database has a stored procedure that triggers "TEST_EVENT". When this is posted and the event falls back to the delphi TIBEvent component, the event triggered is actually "sssssssss" when it should be "TEST_EVENT".

Now if I run the test above and change "sssssssss" with "test2" and run the application the correct event of "TEST_EVENT" comes back. Initially It has something to do with the name of the second event but I have not found a pattern. It doesn't seem to be tied to case since I can use all uppercase "SSSSSSS" as the event and it still fails. Also has nothing to do with length since I can use "a" for the second event and "a" falls through instead of "TEST_EVENT".

The sample application initializes a connection to an Interbase 2009 database. The events component is then linked to the database component. Below is the code that registers the events:


The IB event component's alert event then displays the event triggered from the DB in a showmessage:

procedure TForm1.ibvnts1EventAlert(Sender: TObject; EventName: string;
EventCount: Integer; var CancelAlerts: Boolean);

To trigger the event I have a stored procedure in the IB database:


Once the application is launched, IBConsole is used to execute the "TEST_EVENTS" stored procedure in the database:

execute procedure "TEST_EVENTS";

When this is done the test application reports that event "sssssssss" has been posted instead of "TEST_EVENTS".

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