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I'm trying to set an environment variable to root user: TMPDIR=/var/hello/tmp

I need it to show up when I do

sudo printenv

I'm not connected as root, and I don't know the root password.

What I've tried:

export TMPDIR=/var/hello/tmp

problem: this sets the env for me, but not for root user

sudo env TMPDIR=/var/hello/tmp

problem: it prints out a list of env variables with TMPDIR set, but when I sudo printenv afterwards, I don't see it

sudo -i
export TMPDIR=/var/hello/tmp

problem: I see it, but when I do sudo printenv I don't see it. Am I not in the root user when I do sudo -i?

sudo -e TMPDIR

problem: this opens up a file in vi, which I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. When I quit, nothing happens

emacs /etc/profile
#put export TMPDIR=/var/hello/tmp in the file

problem: I don't see it in sudo printenv when I restart the shell

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sudo TMPDIR=/var/foo/tmp VAR2=value2 myprog arg1 arg2 ...

Alternatively, create a shell script setting all environment variables and executing the program and run it instead.

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