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I created a simple bash script. The script works just fine.

When I run echo $PATH this prints my paths, I have:


So i moved my script to /usr/local/bin and ran chmod +x I've even chmod 0777

Now, when I run ./ I just get the "No such file or directory"

Why is this happening and where's the best place to put my scripts

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Once the script is in your path, you can run it just with the filename: rather than the path to the file: ./

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Well now I feel stupid. Works great! – dotty Sep 26 '13 at 20:50

./ means run from the current folder. If you've moved to /usr/local/bin, then it's no longer in ./ (your current folder), so it can't find it.

Either move to /usr/local/bin to run it using ./ or just use from any folder once you've moved it into a path folder.

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