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I have a problem with a "each" bucle in a handlebars template:

I pass to the handlebars template one object as follows:

var data = {
   blog = blogModel, // Backbone Model
   user = userModel  // Backbone Model


This is my models structure:


  title: "myblog", 
  posts: [{
        text: "first post",
        datetime: "12/10/2010
        text: "second post",
        datetime: "10/10/2010


  name: "John",
  email: ""

Handlebars template

{{#each blog.posts}}

My problem is that I can´t output {{}} because it´s in the context of {{#each blog.posts}}, it seems that only can output the blog properties.

If I put the {{}} out of the bucle it works

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You can step up one level in the scope using ../ so something like this should work:

{{#each blog.posts}}
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