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I'm trying to split a matrix in smaller matrices depending on one characteristic (i use 'if').

   for jj = 1:length(FailureHoopUP_sorted)
    if FailureHoopUP_sorted(jj,1)==20
        FailureHoopUP_20(jj,:) = FailureHoopUP_sorted(jj,:);
    elseif FailureHoopUP_sorted(jj,1)==30
        FailureHoopUP_30(jj,:) = FailureHoopUP_sorted(jj,:);
        FailureHoopUP_40(jj,:) = FailureHoopUP_sorted(jj,:);

The problem I have is that there are rows of zeroes that get in between the rows with data in the new created matrices. I was wondering how i could avoid this?

Thank you for your help.

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You don't need a loop, you can use logical indexing. For example:


This should also solve the zeros issue (that happens because you keep the original index jj that is related to the length of FailureHoopUP_sorted).

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