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I'm implementing an incremental search field for a QTreeView using QSortFilterProxyModel. The search field is a QLineEdit as follows:


and my _onSearchEdited function looks like:

def _onSearchEdited(self, text):

However, If I expand an item in the tree view and do a search, if the item doesn't match, it will disappear. When I delete my search keyword to make it match the item, the item will show up again, but it is collapsed. For example, if my item is "410" and I have expanded it; I type "4100" in the search field, the item will be hidden; but if I delete one 0 to make the search key "410", the item will show up but it is collapsed.

Is there any way to make the item remain expanded unless the user manually collapse it?

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You could manually check and store every item collapse state and then return it to the desired state.

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