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I have the following JsTree code:

<script type="text/javascript">

$(function () {

    var selected_node = $("#EquipmentTree").jstree('get_selected').attr('id');
    var link = '@Url.Action("GetEquipTreeViewData", "Helper", new { nodeId = "-1" })';
    link = link.replace("-1", selected_node);


        "json_data": {
            "ajax": {
                "url": link,
                "type": "POST",
                "dataType": "json",
                "contentType": "application/json; charset=utf-8"

        "themes": {
            "theme": "default",
            "dots": true,
            "icons": true,
            "url": "Scripts/jstree-v.pre1.0/themes/default/style.css"

        "plugins": ["themes", "json_data", "ui", "crrm", "contextmenu"],

        "core": { "animation": 100 }

All runs fine except that every JGrid doesn´t know a node is leaf and then calls again my URL (Controller) every time I collapse/expand an end node. The end nodes has always a children = null set.

The selected_node above does not work, sending always the "EquipmentTree" text to my controller, not the node info (where I could mark it as being leaf).

Also, even having children = null set, the node appears in jstree as it has subnodes (as an arrow appears on the left side of node).

So, 2 questions: a) How can I mark a node as being leaf ? Is not only setting childern = null ? b) How can I pass current node that is requesting data to my Ajax call ?


PS: The @Url.Action helper was used because plain data attribute at Ajax was not firing my controller in MVC.

Hope somebody can help me.


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