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I'm trying to put together a debug build of a particularly difficult project layout. One of the things I need to do is to copy recently built DLLs over existing DLLs that are under Source Safe's control, and are therefore read-only. I was hoping to use Scons to manage this, but Scons errors out if your target is read-only. Part of my command is to set it to readable, but my command never executes because scons errors out first. Is there anyway to override this behavior?

Here's a demonstration. As you can see, my "turn off the read-only bit" command never gets run if the read-only bit is set:

C:\scs\dev\test>type Sconstruct
env = Environment()

    "b.txt", "a.txt",
        r"if exist $TARGET c:\windows\system32\attrib -r $TARGET",
        Copy("$TARGET", "$SOURCE")

C:\scs\dev\test>echo "test" > a.txt

C:\scs\dev\test>scons -Q b.txt
if exist b.txt c:\windows\system32\attrib -r b.txt
Copy("b.txt", "a.txt")

C:\scs\dev\test>echo "test2" > a.txt

C:\scs\dev\test>attrib +r b.txt

C:\scs\dev\test>scons -Q b.txt
scons: *** [b.txt] C:\scs\dev\test\b.txt: Access is denied


OK - I've figured this out by stepping though Scons as it was running. Looks like Scons deletes targets before building them (see _rmv_existing in, also this page in the scons documentation page). If you encounter this problem, you can mark the target as "Precious", but you'll still have trouble if you use "-c".

No real good solution here. Oh well.

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use NoClean(target) to disable deleting of generated files while running scons -c.

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