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A bit of a generic question but let's say you have a desktop app that allows a user to connect to a central server and provides functionality like:

  • Login
  • Ability to auto-download profile data on login
  • Download and uploading save files through the app

A web-server (JSP/ASP.NET/PHP/etc) would do lots of work for you especially on the request-serving and threading front, but it seems a bit of a cheat for a desktop app to use HTTP requests like this.

All thoughts welcome. Maybe this should be community wiki?

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using a good server like Apache will almost surely perform better than any server you make even if you get rid of the HTTP "overhead" (which is negligible in most circumstances) –  Earlz Dec 14 '09 at 23:22

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If you want to leave things open for other possibilities in the future, go with a web server. That way, if you decide to write a web-based version of your desktop app (or an iPhone/Pre/Android application), you don't have to rewrite your socket server. Almost everything can speak HTTP these days.

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