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This question might sound similar to Rails turbolinks long request doesn't show page load.

I've recently started new Rails 4 application, which uses Turbolinks library by default - it is awesome: makes the application feel faster/snappier, however I do have some pages that are slower than others.

Unfortunately I can't find a good way to make a browser show the default loading indicator - just like it does when it loads "conventional" web pages. People recommend different JavaScript solutions, for example, https://github.com/caarlos0/turbolinks_transitions. Although some do look good, but "average internet user" is not used to seeing loading progress somewhere other than the default browser's loading indicator.

  • How can I make Chrome show that "spinning semi-circle" in the tab header?
  • Or how can I make Safari show that "moving blue wave" in the address bar?
  • Etc.

Most of my pages are fast though, so I'd like to show this loading indicator for the pages that won't load within 300 ms, for example.

Thank you! Alex.

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Here is what I do: gist.github.com/cpuguy83/5016442 –  cpuguy83 Nov 13 '13 at 14:27
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While this isn't exactly what you want, you can change the cursor to be the loading cursor using javascript like this.

$('selector').css( 'cursor', 'wait' );

It would definitely let users know that a page is loading. You can set/remove it with more javascript

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That's a great and yet very simple idea - thank you, TMP! This would probably eliminate 1/2 of my users confusion. Sorry, not marking your answer as "accepted", because the question about how to make Chrome/Firefox/IE show page loading indicator remains open. Maybe I should talk to browser makers about that... :) –  Alex Kaushovik Oct 30 '13 at 2:24
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