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I am using Unity3d for developing games.

In project exists many textures.

How to limit texture size for whole project?

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If you're looking to limit the size of your imported textures by default, there is no direct way of doing that, other than editing the max size after import. The default there will always be 1024.

You can however write a custom AssetPostProcessor which (despite its name) also has an OnPreprocessTexture method which you can use to set import settings. A very bare bones example would be something like this:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class DefaultTextureSizer : AssetPostprocessor 

    void OnPreprocessTexture ()
        TextureImporter tex_importer = assetImporter as TextureImporter;
        tex_importer.maxTextureSize = 512; //Some other max size than the default


That will make sure all imported textures will have a maximum size of (in this case) 512.

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