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I have a Rails 4 app, which uses Turbolinks. My understanding is that Turbolinks breaks jQuery code, as Turbolinks does not load new page, but only get new elements.

Therefore, navigating to new page may not trigger .ready, although it always triggers .page:load, and thus new jQuery code won't initialize.

I have a lot of jQuery code, so I don't want to modify my jQuery code to be compatible with Turbolinks.

Is it possible to add a javascript code to my application.js that overwrites .ready event to include page:load as well? How should I do it?

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Rather than wait for $(document).ready to fire for your jQuery, just use page:load instead:

$(document).on 'page:load' ->
  <your code>

Alternatively, you can set up the jquery.turbolinks gem:

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i had to use the page:change event:


$(document).on('page:change', function () {
    <code here>

coffee script:

$(document).on 'page:change', ->
    <code here>
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