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Im developing a NFC reading system with C#, according to given sample codes with SDK I cannot connect the device with the application. Sometimes it return unknown error code (-2146434967) which is not handled in the sample application codes. enter image description here

But sometimes it return error code 6, which is a constant public const int SCARD_SPECIFIC = 6; and describe as

    ' This value implies the card has been reset and specific 
    ' communication protocols have been established.

enter image description here

I don't know how to proceed, does somebody have any idea?


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Contacted ACS team member and found some answers.

For the error 'retCode=6', please do the following steps:

  1. Go to Build->Configuration Manager

  2. Under 'Active solution platform', select 'New' (if x86 does not exists)

  3. Set 'Type or select the new platform:' to "x86"

  4. Set "Copy settings from:" to ""

  5. Check the 'Create new project platforms'

  6. Click 'OK' and rebuild the solution.

For the error 'retCode=-2146434967', it means that the smart card has been removed on the reader.

I've tried this with C#. Ive described on my blog : Simple NFC reading system for windows

I used Mifare classic 1K Tags. Hope someone will take the advantage.


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