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I want to know how can i use MAX MIN command with ORMLITE.

For example lets say we have this table

Table Name = Example
Column 1 = id
Column 2 = name

In ORMLITE how can i get max id ? I looked here but i didnt't understand exactly..

Can someone show me example about Max min in ORMLITE ?

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QueryBuilder<Account, Integer> qb = accountDao.queryBuilder();

qb.selectRaw("MIN(orderCount)", "MAX(orderCount)");

// the results will contain 2 string values for the min and max

results = accountDao.queryRaw(qb.prepareStatementString());

String[] values = results.getFirstResult();

I found this from documentation

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This is how I query for max ID in my code:

QueryBuilder<Example, String> builder = dao.queryBuilder();
builder.orderBy("id", false);  // true or false for ascending so change to true to get min id
Example example = dao.queryForFirst(builder.prepare());
String id = null;
if (example == null)
    id = "-1";
    id = example.getId();

A couple of alternative answers can also be found here: ORMLite - return item w/ maximum ID (or value)

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+1 You should also add a limit(1) since there is only going to be one result returned. –  Gray Dec 18 '13 at 21:26
@Gray - just one point: in newer versions of ORMLite limit(int) is deprecated. You have to use limit(1L). But thanks to both of you ! –  bernhardrusch Nov 6 '14 at 7:53

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