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Given following code:

interface IMain {}
interface ISub {}
interface IDep {}

class Dep : IDep
    public Dep(ISub sub) { ... }

class Main : IMain
     public Main() {}

     public IEnumerable<IDep> Dependencies {get;set}

How can i configure the container to have one single instance of ISub per IMain instance. So if I resolve an IMain instance from the container, a 'single instance' of ISub is created for that IMain object.

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You can achieve this by registering ISub as InstancePerLifetimeScope and controlling lifetimescope of IMain instace manually. Sample code:

var builder = new ContainerBuilder();
var container = builder.Build();

using (var lifetimeScope = container.BeginLifetimeScope())
    var main = lifetimeScope.Resolve<IMain>();
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