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I'm new to Facebook apps. I'm trying to create an MVC 4 application with Facebook Application as my Project Template. I'm trying to catch the page id on which the page tab is created and I've got it somehow. My problem here is when someone visits my app, I want to know the page id through which they are viewing the page tab. I've searched a lot where I got to know that I've to use FacebookSignedRequest for this. But this class is not available to me.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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All I had to do was create a Facebook Client object and call the ParseSignedRequest method with the app secret.

var fb = new FacebookClient();
dynamic signedRequest = fb.ParseSignedRequest(appSecret, Request.Form["signed_request"]);

This returns a Json object which we have to parse using JObject.Parse

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Hi @Narasimha, I have used your above code to get page id but after parsing using fb.parsesignedrequest i got algorithm,issuedat,code and userid parameters. There is no page id in it. This is my question on stackoverflow, stackoverflow.com/questions/20965063/… –  sainath sagar Jan 8 at 6:19
@sainathsagar Please specify what is that you are trying to do –  Narasimha Kashyap Jan 24 at 12:45

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