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This code produces a boxplot using matplotlib. The plot is shown correctly in the IPython Notebook (see attached image). However, savefig creates an empty image. I tried the file endings .png and .pdf, but this happens with both. What is wrong with the code?

fig = matplotlib.pyplot.gcf()

GCEMA     = (0.26, 0.26, 0.30, 0.51, 0.55, 0.34)
CEM       = (0.26, 0.23, 0.30, 0.49, 0.35, 0.24)
selSCAN   = (0.19, 0.35, 0.28, 0.45, 0.41, 0.52)
selSCANAD = (0.26, 0.52, 0.37, 0.46, 0.46, 0.47)
pos = np.arange(N)
ax = plt.axes()*pos, GCEMA, width = 0.10, color='green', label='GCE-MA')*pos+0.1, CEM, 0.10, color='blue', label='CE-M')*pos+0.2, selSCAN, 0.10, color='red', label='selSCAN-ND')*pos+0.3, selSCANAD, 0.10, color='yellow', label='selSCAN-AD')
ylabel("quality [$\phi$]", fontsize=14)
legend(loc=4, fontsize=10)

enter image description here

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You probably need to use savefig before show.

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thanks, simple solution; in python console having show before does not create a problem - in ipython it does – Dimitris Dec 11 '14 at 15:53
Nice! Incidentally, the problem also takes place if one cell ends with some plot, and a following cell does the savefig. For the savefig to work, it should be performed in the same cell as the plot. This probably follows by an implicit show in one of IPython's repr* (_repr_png?), and so the answer above works as well. – Ami Tavory May 12 '15 at 20:19

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