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I'm writing a framework for iOS and i use Cocoalumberjack for logging system. In my code i write

[DDLog addLogger:[DDTTYLogger sharedInstance]];

to add a new logger.

If the user want to use Cocoalumberjack and call the same code the result is that Cocoalumberjack has two loggers, so every row will be printed twice.

I need a way to check inside my framework if DDTYLogger is already configured.

I saw inside the implementation that there is a private static variable to store all loggers

// An array used to manage all the individual loggers.
// The array is only modified on the loggingQueue/loggingThread.
static NSMutableArray *loggers;

maybe i can add a class method to return this array?

any advices?

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Hey there!. Did you find an elegant solution to this issue, without hacking DDLog ?. Thanks! –  Jorge Leandro Perez Feb 10 at 13:35
Sorry, I haven't found any solution :( –  IgnazioC Feb 12 at 9:12
No worries, thanks Ignazio! –  Jorge Leandro Perez Feb 12 at 18:45
Just in case you might find it useful, i ended up writing a custom logger, and dropped CocoaLumberjack for good. Source here github.com/Simperium/simperium-ios/blob/develop/Simperium/… and here github.com/Simperium/simperium-ios/blob/develop/Simperium/… –  Jorge Leandro Perez Feb 15 at 18:03
Although it doesn't offer the exact same functionalities as CocoaLumberjack, i've just tailored it down to our needs, and got rid of several kLOC in the process. –  Jorge Leandro Perez Feb 15 at 18:04

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