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I have two pages: bookings/index and users/myUserAccount that have a link to locations/add. What I want is that after I save the form for locations/add I want to go back to the page that refered this one. If I am in myUserAccount, click locations/add, I complete the form, save my location and I want to go back to myUserAccount. What would it be a good solution to do this? I tried with cakephp's function $this->referer(). When I get in locations/add page the referer shows me the last page, but when I press save it has to go again through my add action from location controller and my referer changes now to locations/add.

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save the previous one in session and then redirect to it. – Anil kumar Sep 27 '13 at 9:26
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you can store your referer in a session variable the firt time you arrive in your locationsController->view() and retrieving it when you actually pass data to the controller

or you can pass a parameter in your link to decide whether your are coming from users/myUserAccount or from bookings/index i.e.



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