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When I used Visual Studio 2008 I could install IronPython + IronPython Integrated IDE + Visual Studio Shell Integrated Mode and then my Visual Studio would parse .py files and highlight its syntax.

I tried the same with Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 with no success. Where is the catch? Should I wait a bit longer for new releases or there is a shortcut?

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Python Tools for Visual Studio 2010


This Extension is no longer available. See Jeff Hardy's comment below.

Try IronPython Extensions for VisualStudio 2010:

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It worked, and this solution works even if you only have VS2010 (no IronPython etc) – Jader Dias Dec 16 '09 at 0:17
The above link doesn't seem to be working, can you please fix it? – Shimmy Apr 22 '10 at 4:03
Those extensions only supported VS 2010 Beta 2. The IronPython team will be releasing their own extensions for VS 2010 RTM within the next couple of weeks. – Jeff Hardy Apr 22 '10 at 15:05
They produced new extensions for RTM, it's on CTP3 now, a vsix file. – Shimmy Jul 8 '10 at 13:35
The location of the .vsix file that Shimmy mentions is here -- – Gordon Broom Jul 8 '10 at 18:19

Here is the latest update (July 2011):

Python Tools for Visual Studio 2010

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