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Kendo UI experts Please help me..

I am new to Kendo ui. I want to return id of Selected node in kendo treeview in my code. but it is returning only same node.

On selecting Node i want to return id of selected Node to my code, and in Code i am returning child elements of that node.

is there any simple way of doing it??

Thanks in advance..

My Code

<script src="~/Scripts/kendo.treeview.min.js"></script>
    homogeneous = new{
        transport: {
            read: {
            url: "@Url.Action("datasourcefortree", "Home")",
            type: "POST",
            dataType: "json"
        schema: {
            model: {
            id: "ResourceID",
            hasChildren: true

        dataSource: homogeneous,
        dataTextField: "Resource"


and code of datasourcefortree method of homecontroller

public JsonResult datasourcefortree(int? NodeID)

    FNHSessionManager sessionManager = new FNHSessionManager(_connString, FNHSessionManager.DatabaseType.MsSql);
    FNHRepository repository = new FNHRepository(sessionManager);
    int nodevalue = 1;

    if (NodeID == null)
        ResourceMaster tree = repository.RetrieveById(nodevalue);
        List node = new List{
            new ResourceMaster
                ResourceID = tree.ResourceID,
        return Json(node, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
        if (NodeID.HasValue)
            nodevalue = NodeID.Value;
            IList childtreenode = repository.GetAllRecord(nodevalue);
            return Json(childtreenode, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
        return (null);
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Syntax fix

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finally found an example that actually works! Thank you!! – PAULDAWG Mar 7 '14 at 19:54
If this answer is true (that it is true), mark as answer this. Thanks. – Tavousi Aug 8 '14 at 10:28

Try this:

        select: function(e) {    
//... other code                          
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