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In my Yesod project i have the following route:

/api/hide/thread/#Text/#Int      ApiHideThreadR   GET

I want to request it on the client side with javascript:

function hideThreadCompletely(threadId, board) {
    $.getJSON("/api/hide/thread/"+board+"/"+threadId, function(data) {

But i can't use @{ApiHideTHreadR} because Yesod requires it's arguments on compile time. What is the proper solution for this, if i want API URLS to look like api/board/1/1 and not api/board?bid=1&tid=1? Keep using manually-defined URL's like "/api/hide/thread/"+board+"/"+threadId?

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After some searching I found this discussion, where it is suggested that you add the url as a "data-url" attribute to some element. And then load the url from the element. Something like this:

<div id="thread-1" data-hide-url=@{ApiHideTHreadR}>

var url = $("#thread-1").data("hide-url")
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I still need to specify ApiHideTHreadRs arguments, so i don't see how this helps me. – arrowd Sep 27 '13 at 19:07
You're right, it doesn't. – Obscaenvs Sep 28 '13 at 12:21

What I always do is get rid of the explicit parameter passing in the route call and instead replace it with :

getApiHideThreadR::Handler JSON
getApiHideThreadR = do 
  rawTextParam <- lookupGetParam "text"
  rawThreadId  <- lookupGetParam "table"
  (textParam,threadParam) <- someParseFunction rawTextParam rawThreadId

Then you can use regular ajax style:


For more complex get to haskell type requests:

Is a nice template.

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This would make URL to look like /api/hide/thread?board=1&thread=2, but i want /api/hide/thread/1/2. – arrowd Sep 28 '13 at 8:08
Yeah I knew that, but it also gives you access to the Text field and Int field you were trying to call... I thought that was the main thrust of the question, not getting it to look exactly like the route syntax. My mistake – TallerGhostWalt Oct 1 '13 at 19:06

You can't use a type-safe route to check at compile-time somthing that is known only at run-time. I suspect you know this too, but that is the only sense I can make of your question. Thus, your only option is doing it manually.

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