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I am writing a Java Agent which does some attachment manipulations and I am looking for a 'clean' place where I can do the manipulations - i.e. won't have too much hassles with admins setting special permissions. Is there a best practise for the location of the temp directory? In Lotusscript I would use


which would give me the temp directory of the local machine.

There is also the possibility of using the data directory, but that makes me uneasy...

var d = session.getEnvironmentString("directory",true)

Any tips/best recommendations?

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The general rule is if you need a temp directory, then request it from the system.



Using the Data folder is probably going to upset the admin.

If you want to create diagnostic logs which you may use later then I recommend writing to:


This way the admin has one set place to find logs.

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An example could be

File temp = File.createTempFile("temp-file-name", ".tmp");
temp.deleteOnExit(); //This will delete the file when the JVM shuts down.

That file would be saved in

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