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i am using unity3d to record some input from the microphone using:

getAudioSource.clip = Microphone.Start(null, true,20, 44100); 

The problem is that this records for a standard time period of 20 secs, which i don't want. I would like to record untill a finish a recording by:


and the resulting clip should have the exact size i recorded, not a standard 20 secs. Right now, if i end the recording after 3 secs, the resulting audio is 20 secs in length. I would like it to have 3 secs.

How can this be done?

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the size isn't changeable, it's fixed size.. but i did manage to trim the audio to the actual size.


    AudioClip ac = getAudioSource.clip;
    float lengthL = ac.length;
    float samplesL = ac.samples;
    float samplesPerSec = (float)samplesL/lengthL;
    float[] samples = new float[(int)(samplesPerSec * timeSinceRecordStarted)];

    getAudioSource.clip = AudioClip.Create("RecordedSound",(int)(timeSinceRecordStarted*samplesPerSec),1,44100,false,false);


where timeSinceRecordStarted is the length in secs of the recording and getAudioSource initially holds the microphone audio clip.

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