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Im using @Autowire in Jerse Resources and spring interation. Now i want to be able to use mock object on Autowired fields.,

I was able to do this in Jersey 1.17, but on 2.2 i could not find any documentations.

I have tired some thing like this Jersey 2.*. How to replace InjectableProvider and AbstractHttpContextInjectable of Jersey 1.*

And provided own SpringComponent when setting up the container., but this does either work.,

public class MyResource {

 private ConfigurationApi configurationApi;

 public String getIt() {
 boolean isTrue = configurationApi.isEnabled("aconfig");
 return "Hi there!: configuration is " + isTrue;

In jersey 1.17 i could do somthing like this:

return new WebAppDescriptor.Builder("rest.resource")
                .contextParam("contextClass", "rest.resource.test.spring.MockableContext")
                .contextParam(SpringServlet.CONTEXT_CONFIG_LOCATION, "context.poc-test.xml")

And then later on the actual test i could add mock object to the context class by a hash map.,

Any help is appriciated .,

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How do you load your Spring context? Do you use SpringJUnit4ClassRunner? If yes, you can define your mock bean for ConfigurationApi in a Spring xml file. –  goryachev Apr 24 at 17:03

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