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How do I stop my timer when I close my App (Using the Return/exit button((Not home button)))?

When I close my App using the back button it's not in the task messenger, but the timer (Sending notifications on events) is still running and sending me notifications..

I thought as it is not in the tasks, and I use the return button to close the timer would also stop.. When I open the app again after closing it it does restart on it's mainactivity unlike opening it when I used the "home" button..

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You have to override finish method

public void finish()

You can also override onDestroy() like Houcine suggested.

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Just did that, seems to work thanks. Strange that a timer won't stop when you kill an app –  Onno Sep 27 '13 at 10:29
the timer will not be killed , because it is launched in a separated thread , that's why you should stop it when your activity is finished or destroyed –  Houcine Sep 27 '13 at 10:30

you should override the method onDestroy() ( the method is executed when the activity is destroyed) and stop your timer :

protected void onDestroy() {
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