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I've got a problem with include in a qmake project. In my .pro file I've got:

INCLUDEPATH += "C:\OpenCV\build\include"

and in my cpp :

#include <opencv\cv.h>

The compiler indicates an error:

Cannot open include file: 'opencv\cv.h': No such file or directory

but if I write this in my cpp:

#include "C:\OpenCV\build\include\opencv\cv.h"

it works!

I build the project from within Qt Creator. What am I doing wrong?

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Did you try to set INCLUDEPATH += "C:\\OpenCV\\build\\include" and use #include <opencv/cv.h> in your source file? – vahancho Sep 27 '13 at 10:10
I tried, but it doesn't work... – user2794529 Sep 27 '13 at 10:38
OK I found the solution here :… I had the rerun qmake -.-' – user2794529 Sep 27 '13 at 10:54

Your problem may be related to the fact that having backslashes in naked #include directives is undefined behavior.

Do the following.

  1. Replace your include with

    #include <opencv/cv.h>

    Note the forward slash!

  2. Remove the shadow build directory that Qt Creator has made for you. You will find it above the project directory, its name begins with build-.

  3. Rebuild the project.

Note that this takes care of rerunning qmake.

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You have to run qmake(build->run qmake) to validate changes in the pro file. Qt creator Adding external library (still: Cannot open include file: 'GL/glew.h')

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here's one of my pro files:

    # Blah Application

CONFIG   += qt console staticlib debug_and_release
QT       -= gui
QT       += network sql xml
TARGET    = blah

CONFIG(debug, debug|release){
    DESTDIR = debug
    LIBS += -L../../../lib/core/debug -lcore
} else {
    DESTDIR = release
    LIBS += -L../../../lib/core/release -lcore
DEPENDPATH  += . ../../lib ../../../lib/core
INCLUDEPATH += . ../../lib ../../../lib/core

# Library files
HEADERS += mtBlahRTP.h
SOURCES += mtBlahRTP.cpp

# Input
SOURCES += main.cpp

The include path points to the RELATIVE directory of my lib files. mtBlahRTP.h and mtBlahRTP.cpp are in ../../lib

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I ran into a similar issue and what I found is that the QtCreator IDE is not re-reading the results of qmake and updating the "Cannot open" message. You need to close the offending file and re-open it - then you'll see that it no longer displays the error.

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I had to do two steps: (re-)run qmake and rebuild the whole project - only then the INCLUDEPATH setting was considered correctly. (With QtCreator 3.5 and 3.6 (Qt 5.5 and Qt 5.6) on Windows.)

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I was getting the error:

canserialcomm.o: In function `CanSerialComm::CanSerialComm()':
canserialcomm.cpp:(.text+0xc1): undefined reference to `vtable for CanSerialComm'

It turns out that the cause was it wasn't able to find canserialcomm.h where that constructor is declared. This was despite me having INCLUDEPATH in the project file point to the directory containing that header file:


What I had to do to fix this is explicitely specify the header file; I added:

HEADER += ../canserialcomm.h
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You should use double backslashes when in windows for qt creator with msvc. like this: INCLUDEPATH += C:\\libcurl\\libcurl-vc-x64-release-dll-ipv6-sspi-winssl\\include

this will fix the problem.

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