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I'm implementing timthumb to resize and create thumbnails of attached images on a forum.

The forum uploads the images and they're accessible via it's own query string, and it also creates 1 thumbnail (for the post/thread view).

The tim thumb is needed to create another, even smaller thumbnail for display on the homepage, where only a tiny version is needed. So I need to specify the attachment url, which delivers a jpeg image, jpeg headers, etc, to timthumb.

The problem is as follows.;topic=276.0;attach=1357;image&w=120

The attachment url works and delivers the image, but as it's part of another query string, I don't know how to separate it. I've used ampersands to separate the timthumb parameters, and semicolons to separate the forum attachment parameters for clarity in the question.

Thanks, regards, Mike.

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if You using php use urlencode for a source url:

timthumb?src = "<? urlencode("http://link_to_your_file.jpg"); ?>"
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