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Since Google AppEngine 1.8.5 there is a new warning in the development environment:

WARNING  2013-09-27 10:10:53,035] Method specifies path
parameters but you are not using a ResourceContainer. This will fail in future
releases; please switch to using ResourceContainer as soon as possible.

What are ResourceContainers and how to use them?

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They recently updated the docs to explain this change here: Google App Engine Docs

Basically what you want to do is to separate the request body and the query/path parameters.

The request body will be a normal messages.Message class and you define any additional parameters in the ResourceContainer.

YOUR_RESOURCE_CONTAINER = endpoints.ResourceContainer(
        parameter1=messages.IntegerField(2, required=True)

This change should help to minimize the amount of necessary Message classes because you can mostly reuse the RequestBody-Message for Response-Messages as well.

Note: if you are using the endpoints-proto-datastore there's an open issue about this.

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