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Two options in setup.py develop and install are confusing me. According to this site, It creates a special link to site-packages directory.

People suggested me to use python setup.py install for fresh installation and python setup.py develop after any changes in setup file.

Can anyone throw more light on usage of these commands.

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python setup.py install is used to install (typically third party) packages that you're not going to be developing/editing/debugging yourself.

For your own stuff, you want to get your package installed and then be able to frequently edit your code and not have to re-install your package—this is exactly what python setup.py develop does: installs the package (typically just a source folder) in a way that allows you to conveniently edit your code after its installed to the (virtual) environment and have the changes take effect immediately.

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Erik is right. Also useful to know is that setup.py develop comes with an --uninstall option for when you're done hacking around. –  philadams Dec 18 '13 at 21:57
Last thought here is that another option to setup.py develop when hacking on a python package is to use "simple (but explicit) path modification to resolve the package properly" re Kenneth Reitz –  philadams Dec 18 '13 at 21:59

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