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I need make one communication with socket's TCP/IP and i need pack a message but i have problems with pack a null char.

In documentation i have this:

The PMS must add NULL char at end of all char variables. Therefore, the char [20] declarations above (or equivalent Delphi declaration of [0..19] of char ) actually mean 19 usable characters plus 1 space for a NULL.

This is my php code:

$message = pack('N', 1431655765)                  //HEADER - uint32 ui32Synch1
    . pack('N', 2863311530)                           //HEADER - uint32 ui32Synch1
    . pack('v', 1)                                    //HEADER - uint16 ui16Version
    . pack('V', 1)                                    //HEADER - uint32 ui32Cmd;
    . pack('V', 44)                                   //HEADER - uint32 ui32BodySize
    . pack('a20', "44436412")                         //BODY - char szLisence[20]
    . pack('a20', "Test_Program")                     //BODY - char szApplName[20]
    . pack('I', 0);                                   //BODY - int  nRet

    echo "<br/> Message - packed = " . $message . "<br/> strlen " . strlen($message);

    echo "<br/> Hex dump PHP = " . bin2hex($message);


Message - packed = UUUUªªªª,44436412Test_Program

strlen 62

Hex dump PHP = 55555555aaaaaaaa0100010000002c0000003434343336343132000000000000000000000000546573745f50726f6772616d000000000000000000000000


I'm rewriting a c++ application to PHP, and i have a hexdump of message i need to send to server in c++ hexdump c++: 55555555aaaaaaaa0100010000002c000000343434333634313200cdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd546573745f50726f6772616d00cdcdcdcdcdcdcd00000000

Comparare hexdumps until pack('V', 44):

  • PHP: 5555555aaaaaaaa0100010000002c000000
  • C++: *55555555aaaaaaaa0100010000002c000000

Comparare hexdumps until pack('a20', "44436412"):

  • PHP: 55555555aaaaaaaa0100010000002c000000343434333634313200000000000000000000000
  • C++: 55555555aaaaaaaa0100010000002c000000343434333634313200cdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd

Like we can see the pack null char i'm adding like asked documentation, in php is different in c++.

What i need to do to give the same pack null char?

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Try pack('a20', "Test_Program".chr(0))instead of pack('a20', "Test_Program").pack('I', 0) – Christoph Sep 27 '13 at 11:21

After test a recently version of same c++ app i check in wireshark the message sent to server don't have the "cdcdcdcd..." when null char, already have "00000000" like PHP as, so the only thing i need to do is pack like this way:

pack('a20', "44436412");
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