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So I have a class that describes the Relationship like so:

public class GraphRelationship<TObject> : Relationship<RelationshipObject>, IRelationshipAllowingSourceNode<TObject>, IRelationshipAllowingTargetNode<TObject>
        string RelationshipName;

        public GraphRelationship(string RelationshipName, NodeReference targetNode, RelationshipObject relationshipTypeObject)
            : base(targetNode, relationshipTypeObject)
            this.RelationshipName = RelationshipName;

        public override string RelationshipTypeKey
            get { return RelationshipName; }

Now I have a method that I want to use to create an instance of the above mentioned class, but I get this The type arguments for method cannot be inferred from the usage error.

Here is the method:

public RelationshipReference CreateObjectRelationship(string relationshipType, string parentObjectId, string childObjectId, RelationshipObject relationshipProperties)
    RelationshipReference relationshipReference = 0;

    NodeReference parentNodeReference = GetObjectReference(parentObjectId);
    NodeReference childNodeReference = GetObjectReference(childObjectId);

    //This is where the error is
    relationshipReference = GraphConnection.CreateRelationship(parentNodeReference, new GraphRelationship<RelationshipObject>(relationshipType, childNodeReference, relationshipProperties));

    return relationshipReference;

enter image description here

Im sure this is a trivial problem, but how would i fix this?

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So I fixed it, my NodeReferences needed to be of Type <TObject>

NodeReference<TObject> parentObjectReference = GetObjectReference(Id);

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It looks like you're trying to make a generic implementation of a generic relationship, with an obsolete part of the Neo4jClient API.

Use Cypher. ;)

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which parts of API are obsolete, we are using the client quite extensively. –  Mike Barnes Sep 30 '13 at 6:06
Basically anything that doesn't have "Cypher" in the code path somewhere. That's inline with the direction of Neo4j itself. I'll be spending a few days at the Neo offices in San Fran this week with other driver authors, and will take the time then to publish better guidance around this. –  Tatham Oddie Sep 30 '13 at 7:03
Awesome, thanks! –  Mike Barnes Sep 30 '13 at 7:07

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