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I have to buy 2-3 devices with Windows Phone 8 on board. Purpose is only for testing apps during development and QA. I wonder what would be best set of devices to cover different screen size, resolution, pixel density and CPU power. Any recommendations?

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Right now there are only 3 screen resolutions available: 480×800, 768×1280, and 720×1280.

Multi-resolution apps for Windows Phone 8

But since you can do all of the resolution testing in the emulator, you wouldn't need to buy a test device for each resolution. It is also expected that the 1080p resolution will be supported by the end of the year.

In addition to that, you'd want to test lower memory phones. A Windows Phone 8 device must have at least 512mb of RAM, but many have 1GB, so you'd want to make sure your app works on those lower memory phones as well. This can also be tested in the emulator:

Developing apps for lower memory phones

So in my opinion, you'd really only need one phone to test with, and that could be a phone of your choice. You'll want to read up on this article so you make sure you cover all the bases of things to test before submitting an app to the Windows Phone App Store:

Testing apps for Windows Phone

Hope this helps!

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