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In my vote system I want to show a vote percentage. This percentage is given and calculated in the ajax request (success response). I would like to create something like a live counter up and backwards (if the vote percentage is more or less).

let's say, the vote is now 40 and the success response gives 50 back, I want to show the counter is counting from 40 till 50 (animated).

I tried this by:

<b class="countPercentage">40%</b>


But no success, it changes only the value from 40 to 50.

Thanks in advance! Nick

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possible duplicate of jQuery counter to count up to a target number – Mario Sannum Sep 27 '13 at 12:39
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You need to create the counter yourself. Of course the timing can be adjusted, maybe based on the amount of diff.


var display = $('.countPercentage > span');

var currentValue = parseInt(display.text());
var nextValue    = data.percentage;

var diff         = nextValue - currentValue;
var step         = ( 0 < diff ? 1 : -1 ); 

for (var i = 0; i < Math.abs(diff); ++i) {
    setTimeout(function() {
        currentValue += step
    }, 100 * i)   


Try before buy

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Another way of creating your own percentage counter (you can see it in action at http://jsfiddle.net/CEbGA/):

function timer() {
    if (animator.curPercentage < animator.targetPercentage) {
        animator.curPercentage += 1;    
    } else if (animator.curPercentage > animator.targetPercentage) {
        animator.curPercentage -= 1;    

    $(animator.outputSelector).text(animator.curPercentage + "%");

    if (animator.curPercentage != animator.targetPercentage) {
        setTimeout(timer, animator.animationSpeed)    

function PercentageAnimator() {
    this.animationSpeed = 50;
    this.curPercentage = 0;
    this.targetPercentage = 0;
    this.outputSelector = ".countPercentage";

    this.animate = function(percentage) {
        this.targetPercentage = percentage;
        setTimeout(timer, this.animationSpeed);

var animator = new PercentageAnimator();
animator.curPercentage = 40;
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