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I'm creating a lookless control based on Selector in WPF with a Dependency Property named ListItems. When SelectedItems is changed, I do:

// CollectionViewSource ListItems = ...
ListItems.Source = newSelectedItems;

And in my ControlTemplate I bind it to a ListBox like this:

<ListBox ItemsSource="{TemplateBinding ListItems}"/>

But no items appear in my ListBox.

I have also tried:

<ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding Source={TemplateBinding ListItems}}"/>

What am I missing here?

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If you try ItemsSource="{Binding ListItems, RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}}", does that still fail? (Sometimes this works where TemplateBinding does not.) Do you see any data binding errors in the Output window (e.g. "cannot find property 'ListItems' on 'SomeTotallyUnexpectedType'")? –  itowlson Dec 15 '09 at 4:01
Thanks, but your suggestion didn't work. I also checked the ouput log and didn't see anything. –  vanja. Dec 15 '09 at 5:31

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