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With jquery mobile its possible filter a listview using a select control?

this is my example: Fiddle

Selecting an option the listview must be filtered.

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You can set the filter to true data-filter="true" and then manually hide it.

#myContent .ui-listview-filter {
    display: none;

On change of select, just put the selected value into the text field and trigger keyup event.

$('#select-choice-1').change(function() {
    $('#myContent .ui-listview-filter input.ui-input-text').val($(this).val()).trigger('keyup');

Try this http://jsfiddle.net/gdEKd/9/

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See updated demo : jsfiddle

<ul data-role="listview">
   <li data-filtertext="de" class="de"><a href=#>Audi</a></li>
   <li data-filtertext="de" class="de"><a href=#>BMW</a></li>
   <li data-filtertext="it" class="it"><a href=#>Ferrari</a></li>
   <li data-filtertext="it" class="it"><a href=#>Lamborghini</a></li>
   <li data-filtertext="it" class="it"><a href=#>Maserati</a></li>

    var value = $('#select-choice-1').val();
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