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I have serialized the attribute properties of Product

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
  serialize :properties, Hash

Product table (sqlite3) has the text column 'properties' containing something like:

:article: shirt
:size: L
:color: red

When I retrieve properties of a product from console I obtain an hash that I can modify and save without any problem. Ruby serializes and deserializes it flawlessly. Then I tried to build a _form.html.erb with one text_field for each property using fields_for:

<%= form_for(@product) do |f| %>
  <div class="field">
    <%= f.fields_for :properties, do |property_form| %>
      <%= f.label :properties %><br />
      <% do |k| %>
        <%= property_form.label k %><br />
        <%= property_form.text_field k, :value =>[k] %>
      <% end %>
    <% end %>
  <div class="actions">
    <%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

When I edit a product, this code creates 3 text_fields filled with the correct values, but when I try to save it I get:

"ERROR TypeError: expected Hash (got String) for param 'properties'"

What's wrong? I've read a lot of similar problems with some solutions and I followed different approaches like this or suggested in Railscast#403, but I've always crashed into this kind of error. I'm probably missing something, but I can't find what. Any idea? (ruby-2.0.0-p247, Rails 4.0.0)

Thanks a lot!

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Since I was stuck and needed a rapid solution, I used a simple workaround: I created one variable 'property_n' for each text_field and copied it into the hash before saving the object. Now Edit form is something like this:

<% for i in 0..max_num_of_properties %>
  <div class="field">
    <%= f.label "property_#{i}".to_sym %><br>
    <%= f.text_field "property_#{i}".to_sym %>
<% end %>

and Product class is:

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
  serialize :properties, Hash

  before_save do = {}
    property_names = ProductType.find(product_type_id).get_property_names()
    property_names.each_with_index do |name, index|[name] = get_property(index)

  def get_property(index)

Hash now serializes flawlessly. With some lines of JS I show the right number and names of properties (from ProductType) in the edit form. I know it's not the perfect solution, but it may possibly be useful to someone...

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