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I read that the original wmd-editor is no longer maintained so there was an effort to reverse engineer it, hosted on github. However this version is not ready because it references a number of undefined functions, for example:

processHeadings is not defined /static/js/lib/plugins/wmd/showdown.js Line 66

There is also a version on Google Code, but the repository is empty.

Does anyone know if there is a successful reverse engineering attempt of wmd-editor with a publicly accessible repository?

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The derobbins version is the version I believe most people are using (and the one used here on Stack Overflow).

There are also a number of forks off of the derobbins version that add some additional functionality (ajax loading for example) or other fixes if you're interested, including mine (MarkEdit) which is a jQuery re-write of the interface side of WMD editor to add customization and a public API.

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Awesome! I am using JQuery for the rest of my JavaScript, so is it worth using your fork instead? –  hoju Dec 15 '09 at 23:30
If you like jQuery it's certainly worth looking into. MarkEdit is easily less mature than wmd-editor original, and it has some opinions though which you may or may not like (such as using themeroller CSS). There's a live demo up if you wanted to try it out before spending time reading the wiki. –  T. Stone Dec 15 '09 at 23:53
Awesome! Thanks –  hoju Dec 17 '09 at 0:07

Updating as per 2010-02.

Take a look at the wmd-new fork, the Stack Overflow fork and one of the most active branchs (from this meta post).

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