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I am trying to do something very basic, but no luck so far. Here is what I need to get done.

Parse an XML file.



I have created 2 classes (subClass of NSObject) one is Car and nother is junkyard. Car class holds all the data of a car. And junkyard holds all the car objects inside a NSMutableArray cars.

Now I am able to parse everything fine and put the data in an array. But my problem is I want to access this data from a view controller to display in a nib. I dont know how can I pass the same cars array from my appdelegate class to the viewcontroller class. Please help.

BTW I am not using a UINavigationController.

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The two objects need references to each other (or at least one needs a reference to the other). How you accomplish this is up to you, and depends on the situation. Getting a reference to the app delegate is generally pretty easy, since you can just ask the application for its delegate.

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