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I am converting some old code to get it more optimize so i stuck here i can do it as old way by firing 2 stored procedures but i was thinking if it is possible with the join i tried but couldn't get it right so any help would be great

My old code and queries

dataset = Select data1,data2,data3 from table where column1='somevalue'
//now consider dataset have the records of the above query then 

  foreach (row in dataset)
     Select top 1 tab2data,tab2data from table2 with (nolock) where LtrFileName = row.data1
     //Do some more functionality i can handle this part 

so i was trying to combine these two queries by join i got it right with left join but i can't figure out about the top 1 it gives wrong output if apply it with the join .so basically i am asking is there a way to get these two queries into one stored procedure and avoid all the foreach coding part .

UPDATE Sorry if i am not clear but here is original output from first query it gives

 data1      data2    data3   data4
 001000     002142  NBIS1N  20130514
 001000     002142  NBIS1R  20130514
 001000     002142  NBTB1N  20130514
 001000     002142  NBTB1R  20130514

these are all the records

  tab2data1             tab2data2            data3  tab2data3 
    NULL                NULL                NBIS1N  239
NBIS1R_20100323.pdf 000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    NBIS1R  349
NBIS1R_20100324.pdf 000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    NBIS1R  349
NBTB1N_20100323.pdf 000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    NBTB1N  508
NBTB1N_20100324.pdf 000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    NBTB1N  508
 NULL               NULL                    NBTB1R  1360

now after the executing the second query i get the only four rows as below

 tab2data1             tab2data2            data3  tab2data3 
    NULL                   NULL             NBIS1N  239
NBIS1R_20100324.pdf 000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    NBIS1R  349
NBTB1N_20100324.pdf 000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    NBTB1N  508
      NULL                  NULL            NBTB1R  1360
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Use the database to join the tables instead of loading all into memory first. – Tim Schmelter Sep 27 '13 at 13:56
I tried join with left join but it gives the 2 rows of table2 and i want only top 1 that where i got stuck – user2721874 Sep 27 '13 at 14:01
How are these tables linked, through data3? – Tim Schmelter Sep 27 '13 at 14:17
Yes by data3 column – user2721874 Sep 27 '13 at 14:23
I've edited my answer below. I assume the last result above is your desired result, isn't it? – Tim Schmelter Sep 27 '13 at 14:23
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SELECT t1.data1, t1.data2, t1.data3, t2.tab2data
FROM dbo.table1 t1 
INNER JOIN dbo.table2 t2
    ON t1.data1 = t2.LtrFileName 
WHERE t1.column1 = 'somevalue'

If you have multiple table2 rows and you want just one you have to specify which you want to see. Therefore use an Order By. For example with ROW_NUMBER:

    SELECT t1.data1, t1.data2, t1.data3, t2.tab2data1, t2.tab2data2, t2.tab2data3, 
        RN = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY t1.data3 ORDER BY t2.tab2data3 ASC)
    FROM dbo.table1 t1 
    INNER JOIN dbo.table2 t2
        ON t1.data3 = t2.data3 
    WHERE t1.data1 = '001000'
SELECT data1, data2, data3, tab2data1, tab2data2, tab2data3

Here is a demo with your new sample data:!3/a032e/8/0

DATA1   DATA2   DATA3   TAB2DATA1            TAB2DATA2                TAB2DATA3
1000    2142    NBIS1N   (null)                (null)                   239
1000    2142    NBIS1R   NBIS1R_20100323.pdf    000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    349
1000    2142    NBTB1N   NBTB1N_20100323.pdf    000110-Acct_Rec_Mgmt    508
1000    2142    NBTB1R   (null)                (null)                   1360
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Thanks for help. it worked like charm – user2721874 Sep 27 '13 at 15:17

By looking at your code, I think you can get the top 1 records using row_number() function with CTE as below;

CREATE PROCEDURE yourProcedureName
    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
    @yourParameter Varchar(50)

    ;with cte as (
       Select tab2data,tab2data,..., row_number() over (order by t2.LtrFileName) rn
       from table1 t1 join table2 t2
                 on t1.data1 = t2.LtrFileName
       where t1.column1 = @yourParameter

    Select * 
    From cte
    Where rn = 1
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Thanks for help. – user2721874 Sep 27 '13 at 15:19

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