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I have a step which is long enough not to be fully visible due to the number of parameters it has. I want it to split in two lines but when I do so the step is not recongnised.

When CC payment is made with amount=100 type=VISA name=card-holder-name number=1234567890123456
    verification code=000 expiry month=09 expiry year=14

Is there a way to make this happen?

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When I have a lot of parameters in a single step I use a table parameter with the transformer=FROM_LANDSCAPE option, like this:

|amount           |100|
|type             |Visa|
|name             |card-holder-name|
|number           |1234567890123456|
|verification code|000|
|expiry month     |09|
|expiry year      |14|


Another way is to set all your parameters before with the @Given annotation

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