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What is the best, most efficient way to look up key/values within a db. I basically want to be able to return the document if the key/pair combo lookup is true,

>>> import couchdb
>>> import couchquery
>>> db = dbserver['test']
>>> dbserver = couchdb.Server()
>>> for x in db:
...     try:
...       if db[x]["foo"] == "bar":
...         db[x]
...     except:
...         pass

This is what I have so far, but Im sure there must be a better way ...


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i think you do not need the ¸import couchquery¸ –  Nicholas TJ Oct 28 '13 at 8:24

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2 scenarios:

Your Value in the database is a dictionary


'db_key': {foo:bar}

The code you are running will work if you don't know the db_key parameter and want to know check the dictionary in the db_value.

You want to check if the database value matches your expected value

I don't think you need the for loop. Do the following:

expected_value = "bar"
key = "foo"
found_value = db[key]

if found_value == expected_value:
    print(key, expected_value)
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