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I have a windows service where I am receiving http requests and launching a process for it which might run more than an hour . I need to get notified in main service when a process ends .And when service is ended i need to terminate all child processes . I understand that if I do waitforsingleobject it will hang on windows service until the process is completed , and no further http requests will be entertained ? I am doing following for now which works but its not correct approach .

if(CreateProcess( TEXT(EXEPATH),   
                &pi )          
                 processHandles[processCount] = pi.hProcess;                 
                 processStreams[processCount] = eventId.c_str();                    

On Service stop I am doing this

for(int index=0;index<10;index++){
            g_pAppLog->Log("Stop Process for processStreams[%d] %s\n",index,processStreams[index].c_str());

            int terminationResult = TerminateProcess(processHandles[index],1);                  

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The functions WaitForSingleObjectEx and WaitForMultipleObjectsEx allow you to specify a timeout, so that the function will not hang forever.

You can thus call the function in a loop, checking if the process has really terminated, or it's just a timeout expiration.

Anyway, you should not WaitFor anything, unless you have nothing better to do. If you have a web server, you should listen to connection and spawn responding processes. If you just want to check if a process terminated, you can call GetExitCodeProcess.

So, summing up, you might either:

  1. Run a loop that:
    1. accepts a request;
    2. spawns a process;
    3. checks if any of the previously created process terminated (without blocking);
  2. Make a two-thread application, with one thread accepting requests, and the other one calling WaitForMultipleObjectsEx in a loop, and possibly handling children termination.
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In your main service, you should create a thread to do that, so the main thread can still be running.. In this thread, you should use WaitforMultipleObjects to wait for all the child process to end, once a process is ended, the corresponding code will be execute.

Please check the MSDN for details

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Do the waiting in a different thread than the one that is processing SCM requests. Use CreateEvent() to create a waitable manual-reset event, then have the waiting thread use WaitForMultipleObjects() to wait on both the event and the child process at the same time. WaitForMultipleObjects() will tell you which one is signaled first. When the service is being stopped, signal the event with SetEvent(). When the child process exits, its handle will be signaled. If the event gets signaled first, the waiting thread can call TerminateProcess() on the child process.

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